When you Don't Know what You Don't Know

You know your craft and trade, but when the conversation turns to designing a website for your business and how to market it online with things like inbound marketing, conversion tactics, social media etc., you might feel you've just wondered into some unfamiliar territory. You quickly realize there is a difference in understanding your business vs understanding how to leverage your online presence to better position your company with your prospects in the digital world.

Still, you may have or are thinking that the problem you're dealing with is simple. “I need a website or it needs to be redesign or I just need help promoting it”. And once that's done – problem solved – mark it off your to-do-list. You may have tried template based quick fix solutions that offer "stunning" layouts and yet you didn't get the outcome you wanted. That's when you realize The devil is in the details.

Get More Powerful Results From Your Web Site

I'm sure you've made a trip to the Doctor's office at some point with symptoms that had you thinking what the problem was, but the Doctor ran some tests to identify the real underlying issues that you had no idea about. Then they came up with a plan to address them. In the same way, diving deeper into a discovery process regarding aspects of your business in the digital space reveals both problems and opportunities you may not be aware of - not just with designing your web site, but marketing it where your target audience is found which creates a road map to meet your real needs and goals for your online presence. This results in a high-value solution for your target audience which can position your business for increased leads, sales, and better efficiency.

"The Greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge ~ Daniel J Boorstin

Big Picture Web Design launched in 2003, but switched from a commodities based approach - just doing scope of work and offering solutions simply because of capabilities to a value-based approach by delivering a solution centered on your prospects and your business' actual discovered needs that resonate with your target audience.

It's More About Your Customer Not Your Company

After a Flooring company in St. Louis went through the discovery process, it was learned that there needed to be an emphasis on addressing the prospective customers underlying anxiety. Having complete strangers coming into their home and ripping up their floor was stressful. What if the company did a bad job? On average a hardwood flooring install would cost $7,000! Showing floor samples on the website didn't address the customer's underlying concern, but recommending a brief professionally done You Tube video accessible on the site showing the process from start to finish would. It could mean the difference between making 7K or losing it. This would have never been known using an off-the-shelf solution based solely on perceived needs.

"...excellent to work with...very thorough and detail oriented and has increased our online presence. Highly recommended"! Heidi ~ Back to Health Family Chiropractic

See if We Are The Right Fit.

There is only one way to find that out. We can set up a time for a no obligation phone call to get a high level overview of where things stand. If for any reason it's determined that no further conversation is needed or your needs go beyond what can be delivered, we'll try to recommend alternatives for you to check out.

Hurry! You Have No Time To Waste!

Advances in technology moves fast, the digital world is very fluid which impacts how to effectively market your business online. For each day you don't take action, is another day of missed opportunity to stay on top of the ever changing landscape. You may be intimidated or reluctant to dive in because of all the unknowns, but you're in an executive decision making role.

No one likes to be sold to, but they do liked to be helped. You can be guaranteed that you'll be shown a solution you need to hear based on findings to address your actual needs. You'll have a more in depth understanding of not only how you should go about leveraging your website and marketing efforts for your business, but why the tactics used will be the most effective in your specific situation. From there, Big Picture Web Design begins the project to completion and handles ongoing inbound marketing.

Avoid Assumptions That Really Cost You a lot Money!

One Company we've worked with thought they only needed help with social media. After diving much deeper, we learned they had no mobile friendly site, a 30% customer dissatisfaction rate online, was over priced in their market which was comprised largely of a Marine Corp base living in rental properties that wouldn't be in the market for what they were selling - hot tubs/spas etc while competing against 3 other companies. They'd already launched their business 3 years before and spent well over 100K. They had sold themselves on their idea and thought everyone else would see it the same way. False assumptions set up unrealistic expectations. Don't make the mistake in assuming. It can be very costly.

Running your business is hard enough. Big Picture Web Design can help you better position your company from conception to completion based on an in depth discovery which will provide the best way to develop and showcase your value and expertise to your target audience.